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Research papers, research briefs and position papers from university researchers, faculty members and graduate students from Manitoba and across Canada, submitted directly to Inform-Ed.

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Looking at Bill 64 Through a Decolonial Lens

By Sarah Paradis

Through a decolonial lens, which has been inspired by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission educational calls to action, this paper critically examines the ways in which teacher knowledge, autonomy, and purpose have been influenced by neoliberalism within Manitoba (…)

Cultural Capital and Cultural Community Wealth: A Critique of the BEST Report

By Ellen Bees

2019 the government of Manitoba set out to perform a review of its education system. Expressing concern with low test scores in literacy, numeracy and science, the government tasked the Manitoba Education Commission with determining the best way to improve student outcomes (…)

“Modernized” Education and Equity: An Unsuccessful (P)Act

By Rebeca Heringer

Bill 64–the Education Modernization Act–was proposed in the spring of 2021 as the government’s response to the perceived crises in provincial education: Manitoba’s low placement on national and international rankings, high financial spending, and unnecessary bureaucracy (…)

Culturally Unresponsive: The Manitoba Education Review and Colonial Perspectives

By Ellen Bees and Shannon D. M. Moore

In 2018, the Conservative government of Manitoba launched an independent review of the provincial education system.

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Analysis of Bill 64: Conceptualizations of Students and Schooling

By Melanie Janzen

In acknowledging the discovery of the 751 unmarked graves near the Cowesess First Nation, the 215 unmarked graves previously announced and the untold number of graves yet to come, I want to draw a line between policy and our current reality (…)