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The Proposed K-12 Education Reform

Part 1: School System Organization, Leadership, and Purpose


Dr. Jon Young (University of Manitoba), Dr. Jacqueline Kirk (Brandon University), Dr. Thomas Falkenberg (University of Manitoba)

Facilitator: Dr. Michelle Honeyford (University of Manitoba)

The Proposed K-12 Education Reform: What does it mean? Why does it matter?

Part 2: Policy, Inclusion, and Indigenous Achievement


Dr. Jeannie Kerr (University of Winnipeg)

Dr. Lesley Eblie Trudel (University of Winnipeg)

Dr. Frank Deer (University of Manitoba)

The Proposed K-12 Education Reform: Research Perspectives on Bill 64

Part 3: Conceptualizations of Communities, Students, Teachers, & Learning


Dr. Melanie Janzen (University of Manitoba)

Dr. Marc Kuly (University of Winnipeg)

Dr. Candy Skyhar (Brandon University )

Connecting all Learners

Part 4: Equity, diversity, and inclusion


Abdikheir Ahmed, executive director, Aurora Family Center

Dr. Lee Ann Block, associate professor, Faculty Of Education, University of Winnipeg

Rebeca Heringer, PhD candidate, University of Manitoba and instructor at University of Winnipeg

Bill 64 as A neoliberal reform

Part 5: Accountability, managerialism & individualism


Dr. Shannon Moore, assistant professor, University of Manitoba
Dr. Martha Koch, associate professor, University of Manitoba
Dr. Alysha Farrell, associate professor, Brandon University

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